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Buy Atarax (Hydroxyzine) online Product Name: Atarax

Generic Name: Hydroxyzine

Common Brands: Multipax, Orgatrax, Vistaject

Pharmaceutical Categories: Anti-Allergic, Asthma

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  • Here is an additional general information about this medication active ingredient hydroxyzine:

    Atarax information

    This medication is made by Pfizer and is generically known as hydroxyzine hydrochloride and is available in tablet and syrup form.

    Atarax indications

    This drug is prescribed for the relief of anxiety and tension brought about by psychoneurosis.
    Atarax may also be used for the containment of pruritus due to allergic reactions such as chronic uticaria and contact dermatitis.
    Atarax may be used as a sedative when used as a premedication following general anesthesia.

    Atarax warnings

    Studies of this medicine in pregnant humans have not yet been studied however, studies on animals have shown that Atarax induce fetal abnormalities in pregnant mice, rabbits and other animals.
    It is not also known whether the contents of Atarax are passed into human milk. Talk with your doctor first before considering breast feeding.
    Drowsiness is a main consideration when taking this drug and activities such as driving or operating machinery should be avoided.
    Patients are also not advised to repeatedly take CNS depressant drug such as this.

    Atarax intake guidelines

    Follow your doctor's instructions when taking Atarax. Never deviate from the doctor's instructed intake instructions.

    Atarax dosage

    For the treatment of anxiety and tension, the dose is 50-100 mg for adults, 50 mg daily divided into two doses for children.
    For the management of pruritus, the dosage for adults is 25 mg and for children, it is 50 mg divided in two doses.
    For the usage of Atarax as a sedative, the dose is 50-100 mg in adults and 0.6mg/kg in children.
    The dosage described above may be increased or decreased depending on your doctor's assessment.

    Atarax overdose

    The most common symptom of Atarax overdose is hypersedation. If overdose happens, the patient should be made to vomit, if he/she has no urge to vomit, it should be induced. Another relief is to immediate gastric lavage. Immediately seek emergency medical attention while continuing to monitor the patient's vital signs.

    Atarax missed dose

    If a dose of Atarax is missed, never attempt to take double doses to make up for it. You may however, skip that dose you missed and just proceed with your regular time of intake.

    Atarax side effects

    The reported side effects associated with Atarax intake were usually mild and passing and are not causes for immediate medical care. Among the side effects are dry mouth, drowsiness, and tremors.

    Atarax drug reactions

    There are no known harmful drug interactions associated with this medication intake. But it is still best to tell your doctor of the medicines you are taking and have taken for the past week.

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