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Our privacy and cookies policy explains how we collect and use information about you, if you are using Snapchat, and other Snap Inc. services. We have this cookie policy to tell you more about it, why we use cookies and similar identifying technologies, the types of cookies and similar technologies we use, and their decisions in relation to these technologies.

Cookie Overview

A cookie is a small data package that is sent to your browser or device, the of websites, mobile apps and ads that you access or use them. This data will be on your browser or device and is helping websites and mobile apps to remember things about you. For example, cookies can help us to remember certain settings that you have selected as your preferred language. use of Cookies

Like most online services Pharma Doctor uses cookies for a number of reasons, how to protect your Snapchat data and account, helps us to see which features are most popular, to count the visitors of a site, the improvement of our users to our services to secure, and in general just providing you with better, more intuitive, and satisfying experience. The cookies we use generally fall into one of the following categories.

Advertising and all of affiliated websites in its pharmaceutical network uses these cookies for the delivery of advertising, in order to pursue more relevant and useful for the consumer, and the efficiency of our advertising campaigns, both on our services and on other websites, or mobile apps.

Pixels, Local storage and Similar technologies

Pharma Doctor may also use other similar technologies on our services, such as pixel tags and local storage. We use these technologies to do things, how they help us see, what features are most popular, and create a personalized experience, and delivers relevant ads. Pixel tags (also called clear GIFs, web beacons or pixels) are small blocks of code installed, or on a website, mobile app or advertising. These tags with specific information about your browser and device, such as: browser type, operating system, device type and version, visited pages, referring website, IP address and other similar information. Local storage is an industry-standard technology, which allows you to store a website or mobile app, and retrieve data on a single computer, mobile phone or other device.

Your Selection

Your browser probably you can choose whether to accept browser cookies. And you may even be able to choose, or limit the use of cookies and other similar technologies in mobile apps. But these technologies are an important part of our services, so that the removal or rejection of cookies, or limit the use of other, similar technologies could services on the availability and functionality of our.

Web browser opt-out

Most web browsers accept cookies by default. If you don't want to allow cookies, some options you may need. Your browser may give you a number of tools to manage cookies. You can usually set your browser so that certain cookies or all cookies. For example, some browsers give you the option to allow first party cookies, but the cookies of third-party lock. So, what is the difference between first-party and third-party cookies? A "first-party" cookie is served from the page or domain you are visiting. So, for example, when you visit and we serve a cookie for the purpose of remembering your preferences, a first-party cookie. A third-party cookie served by a company that is not in the page or domain you are visiting. So, for example, when you visit and Google, a cookie is used on for Snapchat's analytics, a third-party cookie. You can also remove cookies from your browser. Your ability to manage cookies have a mobile browser, however, can be restricted. For more information about how to manage the cookie settings, please follow the instructions for your browser, which are usually in the "help", "Tools" or "edit" settings.

Mobile device opt-outs

Your mobile operating system, you can opt-out from having your information collected or used for interest-based advertising on mobile devices. Read the instructions from your mobile device to the manufacturer; this information will be device in the rule under "settings" function on your mobile. And of course, if your mobile device offers an uninstall process, you can always stop us on gathering of the information by the app by uninstalling the app Snapchat.

Revised: April 2024

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