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  • Bestsellers | Generics:

    Mometasone Methotrexate Paroxetine
    Lorazepam Mirtazapine Naltrexone
    Irbesartan Clonidine Albendazole
    Colchicine Carisoprodol Citalopram
    Clozapine Buspirone Beclomethasone
    Flibanserin Modafinil Levamisole
    Danazol Cyclosporine Moxifloxacin
    Isotretinoin Diazepam Diclofenac
    Doxepin Duloxetine Salbutamol
    Melphalan Cabergoline Dapagliflozin
    HCG Betamethasone Bupropion
    Olanzapine Amitriptyline Methocarbamol
    Amlodipine Cyclopentolate Testosterone
    Prednisolone Probenecid Rizatriptan

    Bestsellers | Brands:

    Motilium Mellaril Cytoxan Micardis
    Skelaxin Zanaflex Viagra Depakote
    Colofac Tasigna Casodex Zovirax
    Cytotec Ultram Arimidex Vermox
    Avodart Rogaine Augmentin Pirfenex
    Janumet Periactin Seroquel Rifampin
    Evista Flagyl Azelex Seromycin
    Geodon Boldo/Test Lamisil Atarax
    Antabuse Plan B Desyrel Minomycin
    Valtrex Calan Coumadin Lioresal
    Klonopin Plaquenil Diovan Lunesta
    Aralen Inspra Yasmin Zithromax
    Tegretol Allegra Keppra Dilantin
    Abilify Zoloft Xalatan Lotemax

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