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Product Name: Oxsoralen

Generic Name: Methoxsalen

Common Brands: Meladinine, Ultramop

Pharmaceutical Categories: Skin Care

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  • Here is an additional general information about this medication active ingredient methoxsalen:

    Oxsoralen information

    Oxsoralen belongs to a class of drugs known as psoralens. Such medical products are an adjacent therapy to ultraviolet light, a form of therapy that has proved very efficient in the case of patients who are suffering from psoriasis and / or vitiligo.

    Oxsoralen indications

    This medication is considered by physicians very helpful in photopheresis, or in the therapy of sufferers of vitiligo and / or psoriasis. Further information regarding this medication ought to be acquired from an authorized medical setting.

    Oxsoralen warnings

    It is a known fact that a therapy with Oxsoralen increases the skin's natural sensitivity to direct sunlight. This is why most patients who do not follow all their physician's instructions regarding their intake of this medication experience severe sunburns.
    Before you are allowed to start using this drug on a daily basis, you ought to make sure that you are not suffering from any allergic reactions (hypersensitivity) to it. This can be easily accomplished by anyone, as it takes two simple steps:
    Go to the nearest medical setting (pharmacy and / or hospital) and ask the pharmacist and / or nurse on duty to give you a complete list of the ingredients that are found in a dose of Oxsoralen
    Go to the nearest emergency room and perform a set of allergy tests in order to see whether you are allergic or not to this drug's ingredients.
    This medicine is contraindicated in these medical conditions:
    allergic reaction to sunlight
    lupus erythematosus
    liver disease
    skin conditions
    skin cancer
    heart disease
    stomach problems

    Oxsoralen intake guidelines

    If you have any questions regarding your future or current treatment with this medicine, you might find the drug's label very helpful. If it has not proved to be helpful enough, it is always a viable option to seek further guidance at your personal physician's office. More professional and reliable information regarding this drug ingredients and proper storage (or disposal) of this medication is available at almost any pharmaceutical location.

    Oxsoralen dosage

    It is a known fact that the appropriate dose of Oxsoralen will differ from one medical case to another. This is why it is very important for each patient to follow the directions on the medicine's label or the instructions that he has been prescribed by his doctor. All patients must take into consideration that the number of the medication pills that they take in daily also depends on the strength of the medicine. This is why if a patient switches from one form of this medication to another, he or she will probably have to be prescribed a different dose of this medicine.

    Oxsoralen overdose

    Unfortunately, we have no clear information regarding the possible symptoms and / or side effects that could be triggered by an overdose with this medical product. The medicine's label could contain further information regarding this medical condition. Read it with extra care.

    Oxsoralen missed dose

    If a patient misses taking his or her dose of the drug or is late in taking it, he or she should alert their physician, as a rescheduling of the treatment schedule is necessary. Double doses of this medication do not solve the problem; furthermore, extra doses of this medicine can trigger a set of severe reactions.

    Oxsoralen side effects

    Like any other medicine, along with its benefic effects, Oxsoralen might cause in some patients other unpleasant adverse reactions. The most severe of these reactions need professional medical attention.
    Among the most severe side effects that are triggered by an intense therapy with this medicine (the ones that require immediate medical care) are: skin blistering and skin peeling; sore, reddened skin; swelling (especially of the patient's lower legs and / or feet). These are the most severe adverse reactions that a treatment with Oxsoralen is known to cause.
    Other side effects (more common, and less severe) are: nausea and / or vomiting, itching of the skin, headache, dizziness, mental depression, sleeping troubles, nervousness, and so on. Check with your personal health care provider. He will give you precise instructions regarding what to do if you develop these symptoms (like the intake of smaller doses of this medication).
    Patients who are following an intense or a prolonged therapy with Oxsoralen are more prone to developing other skin medical disorders, especially skin cancer. This is why all patients who use this medicine ought to see their personal physician on a regular basis. You doctor will probably check to see if you have any skin sores that do not heal properly, abnormal skin growths, and so on.
    Another reaction of the skin to the treatment with this medicine involves the premature aging of the patient's skin. Unfortunately, this is a permanent and irreversible side effect.

    Oxsoralen drug reactions

    The safest way to avoid experiencing the harmful effects of a potential drug interaction between this drug and any other medical product is to avoid using any other drugs during your therapy with this medication. It is a known fact that a treatment with this remedy does not respond well to patients who are using arsenicals, cancer medicines or to patients who undergo medical tests (such as x-rays). Such patients generally suffer from the most severe forms of the adverse reactions that are normally triggered by Oxsoralen.

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