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Buy Prinivil (Lisinopril) online Product Name: Prinivil

Generic Name: Lisinopril

Common Brands: Zestril

Pharmaceutical Categories: Cardio, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol

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  • Here is an additional general information about this medication active ingredient lisinopril:

    Prinivil information

    Prinivil is a popular drug that belongs to a wide class of medicines generally known as ACE inhibitors (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors). This product is generally prescribed to patients who are suffering from congestive heart failure, high blood pressure or to patients who have recently suffered a heart attack.

    Prinivil indications

    This medication is a well known medicine that is generally prescribed to patients who are suffering from heart medical conditions. However, this drug could also treat or prevent some other disorders that have not been mentioned in this guide. Ask your personal health care provider for more information about this product.

    Prinivil warnings

    During your intake of Prinivil it is forbidden to consume any products that contain alcohol, as this could lower your blood pressure even more, thus increasing this drug's side effects.
    While you are using this medicine you should avoid taking potassium supplements or salt substitutes as this could harmfully interact with your treatment with this drug. Each patient who is following a treatment with this medicine should drink plenty of water (liquid) daily in order to prevent dehydration (this medical condition is triggered by some of this drug's side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, or heavy sweating), that could lead to electrolyte disorders, low blood pressure, or kidney failure.
    Patients who are suffering from known allergic reaction to any of this product's component must not be allowed to start taking Prinivil. Before you start taking this product you should inform your personal health care specialist if you are allergic to any dyes, foods, preservatives or any other type of substances (this includes other medicines). Some medical conditions such as the following could harmfully interact with a treatment with this drug:
    liver disease;
    kidney disorder;
    congestive heart failure;
    connective tissue disorders like scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, lupus, Marfan syndrome, or rheumatoid arthritis.
    Patients who suffer from any of the medical disorders that have been listed above should not be allowed to start a treatment with Prinivil or should be prescribed a lower dose of this product. They should undergo special medical exams during their intake of this medicine, in order to enable their doctor to closely monitor the treatment with this drug.
    Prinivil is a category D FDA pregnancy medicine. Therefore, a treatment with it during pregnancy could severely harm a growing fetus. If you are pregnant you should ask your personal physician whether you may start using this medicine or not. Female patients should use an effective non hormonal contraceptive method (such as condoms, diaphragm) during their treatment with this medicine. If you accidentally become pregnant you must stop using this drug at once and alert your personal health care provider as soon as possible. It has not been determined whether this drug's main components are able to pass into the patient's breast milk or not. However, if you are nursing an infant, it is best to ask your doctor if you may start taking the medication.

    Prinivil intake guidelines

    Before you start taking Prinivil you should ask your personal health care provider to give you precise directions regarding how and when you should take your doses of this medicine. You should not disobey from any of your physician's directions. If you have further questions regarding your intake of this product you should refer to a nurse or to a pharmacist and ask them for additional explanations.
    Each dose of the medicine should be taken in with a full glass of liquid (water). Because this drug is not known to be a stomach irritant, it is safe to take it either with or without food. In order to check to see if your treatment with this medicine is actually improving your medical disorder, you should probably undergo regular blood medical tests. Avoid missing any of your scheduled appointments with your physician.
    In case you have to undergo surgery during your treatment with this medicine you should alert your surgeon that you are currently taking Prinivil (you might have to stop your treatment with it for a while - before and after the operation). If you are taking this medicine to treat hypertension, you must not stop using this product without your personal physician's approval even if you already feel better.

    Prinivil dosage

    You should ask your personal health care provider to give you the exact dose of this product that you should take in. Do not change the either the dose or the dosing schedule that you doctor advised you to follow without his or her consent. During your treatment with this product, your personal physician might want to change your initial dose of Prinivil (this depends on how your organism has responded to your treatment with this medicine).

    Prinivil overdose

    If you suspect that you might be suffering from an overdose with this product you should seek medical attention at once. The average Prinivil overdose symptoms include light-headedness, dizziness, or fainting.

    Prinivil missed dose

    If you miss one of your doses of Prinivil you should ask your physician for further instructions.

    Prinivil side effects

    A treatment with Prinivil could trigger any of these side effects:
    fainting, light-headedness;
    urinating less or more than normally;
    chills, fever, flu symptoms, body aches;
    tiredness, and uneven or pounding heartbeats;
    chest pain;
    rapid weight gain, swelling.
    drowsiness, dizziness, headache;
    vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea;
    skin rash or itching.

    Prinivil drug reactions

    During your treatment with Prinivil you should avoid taking any of these medicines: lithium;
    potassium supplements;
    salt substitutes;

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