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Product Name: Evista

Generic Name: Raloxifene

Common Brands: Fiona, Optruma, Ralosto

Pharmaceutical Categories: Women's Health

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  • Here is an additional general information about this medication active ingredient raloxifene:

    Evista Information

    Evista works by altering the bone formation and reduces bone breakdown in the body. The loss of bone tissue is also prevented by the action of Evista.

    Evista Indications

    Evista is indicated and prescribed for the treatment of osteoporosis in women who are on their post menopausal stages.
    Evista may also be used for other purposes aside from the ones mentioned above.

    Evista Warnings

    For some reasons, it is not advised that you take Evista if you are scheduled to undergo surgery. You have to temporarily cease taking Evista if you are to undergo surgery.
    When deciding to take Evista, you have to inform your doctor first if you have been exposed or have been a victim or have had a history of the following diseases:
    Blood coagulation problems
    Significant increase in triglycerides
    Liver Malfunctions
    If you have/had any of the above mentioned medical conditions, you may be advised that your dosage be lowered or a special monitoring be allotted to keep track of the medicine's reaction in your body.
    For pregnant women, Evista is a drug categorized under the pregnancy category X. This means that Evista is known drug to cause birth defects in babies especially on the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. In the case of breastfeeding mothers, it is not yet known whether the active ingredient of Evista which is Raloxifene is passed into the composition of breast milk. It is strongly advised though that you should weigh the decision to breast feed properly and thoroughly discuss it with your doctor.
    If you are taking Evista, you should refrain from sitting still for long periods of time and traveling that would cramp space and prevent movements should also be avoided.

    Evista Intake Guidelines

    Evista should be taken exactly as your doctor prescribed the intake. It can be taken with or without prior food intake.
    Each dose of Evista must be taken at around the same time each day.
    A good diet regimen should be observed when taking Evista to ensure its proper function. Your doctor may advise you to take supplements of Vitamin D and calcium if these substances cannot be sufficiently obtained from your regular diet.

    Evista Dosage

    The exact dosage of Evista can only be exactly determined by your doctor. It may be dependent on your current bone density, your diet and your overall bone health.

    Evista Overdose

    The symptoms of Evista overdose are not yet known and established. However, if you suspect characteristics of overdose, seek medical attention immediately.

    Evista Missed Dose

    Double doses of Evista are strictly not encouraged. And if you miss a dose it is best if you entirely skip that missed dose and proceed to the next one. However, you can take the missed dose if it is still many hours away from the next scheduled dose.

    Evista Side Effects

    Taking Evista may entail side effects as with any other medicines. Among the side effects related to the intake of Evista are:
    Allergic reactions (for patients who are allergic to the components of Evista)
    Pain in the legs
    Swelling of legs
    Abrupt chest pains
    Changes in vision
    Unexplainable vaginal bleeding
    Leg cramps
    Muscle soreness
    Weight gain and bloating
    Hot flashes
    Excessive sweating
    Other side effects may also occur and they may not be mentioned here but if you experience side effects that are bothersome and intolerable immediately seek medical advice.

    Evista Drug Reactions

    Evista and these drugs may not work well if combined:
    Blood thinners or anticoagulants such as Warfarin
    Estrogen, Progesterone or any other hormonal medicines
    You should talk this over with your doctor if you are taking any of the mentioned drugs.

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