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Product Name: Progesterone
Generic Name: Progesterone
Common Brands: Endogest, Prometrium, Susten
Pharmaceutical Categories: Women's Health

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  • Progesterone (trade names include Prometrium, Crinone, Cyclogest, Dubagest, Endogest, Endometrin, Gestmate, Gestofit, Gestone, Lutinus, Microgest, Miprogen, Naturogest, Nidagen, PMS-Progesterone, Progeffik, Progestan, Progestogel, Proluton, Strone, Sugest, Susten, Utrogestan, Vageston, Voranin) is an endogenous steroid and progestogen sex hormone from pregnen (4) derivatives pharmacological group. As a medication it is indicated alone or in combination with estrogen for contraception, birth control, to reduce the risk of uterine or cervical cancer, to support pregnancy and fertility in women, to prevent miscarriage, premature labor, for the reversal of mifepristone-induced abortion, in feminizing hormone therapy, in hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms (menopausal hormone therapy) and low sex hormone levels in women, progesterone insufficiency, to control persistent anovulatory bleeding, uterine bleeding, for the treatment of gynecological disorders, premenstrual syndrome, perimenopausal symptoms, amenorrhea, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, catamenial epilepsy, seizures, gender dysphoria, as a component of feminizing hormone therapy for transgender women; in topical forms to treat male and female pattern hair loss, as topical gel for the therapy of breast pain, in veterinary medicine. It works as a progestogen, or an agonist of the nuclear progesterone receptors and the membrane progesterone receptors.

    Prometrium (Progesterone) capsules 200 mg

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    Pharmaceutical and medical classifications:

  • Abortion prevention
  • Anti cancer drugs
  • Anti epileptic medications
  • Antimineralocorticoids
  • Birth control pills
  • Contraceptives
  • Endogenous steroids
  • Female sex hormones
  • Fertility drugs
  • Gynecological treatment
  • Hair loss medications
  • Hormonal medicines
  • Hormone therapy for women
  • Menopausal hormone therapy
  • Metabolic intermediates
  • Neurosteroids
  • Pain relief medicines
  • Pregnancy support products
  • Progestins
  • Progestogen sex hormones
  • Systemic progesterones
  • Veterinary, pet meds
  • Women's health

    The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system (developed by the World Health Organization):

  • G - Genito urinary system and sex hormones
  • G03 - Sex hormones and modulators of the genital system
  • G03D - Progestogens
  • G03DA - Pregnen (4) derivatives
  • G03DA04 - Progesterone

    Medical conditions for progesterone in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems:

  • Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri - C53
  • Malignant neoplasm of uterus, part unspecified - C55
  • Ovarian dysfunction - E28
  • Other primary ovarian failure - E28.39
  • Gender identity disorders - F64
  • Epilepsy and recurrent seizures - G40
  • Other nonscarring hair loss - L65
  • Benign mammary dysplasia - N60
  • Other disorders of breast - N64
  • Mastodynia - N64.4
  • Endometriosis - N80
  • Other noninflammatory disorders of uterus, except cervix - N85
  • Endometrial hyperplasia - N85.0
  • Absent, scanty and rare menstruation - N91
  • Excessive, frequent and irregular menstruation - N92
  • Other abnormal uterine and vaginal bleeding - N93
  • Pain and other conditions associated with female genital organs and menstrual cycle - N94
  • Premenstrual tension syndrome - N94.3
  • Menopausal and other perimenopausal disorders - N95
  • Menopausal and female climacteric states - N95.1
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss - N96
  • Female infertility - N97
  • Female infertility associated with anovulation - N97.0
  • Spontaneous abortion - O03
  • Complete or unspecified spontaneous abortion without complication - O03.9
  • Hemorrhage in early pregnancy - O20
  • Preterm labor - O60
  • Abnormal findings in specimens from female genital organs - R87
  • Abnormal level of hormones in specimens from female genital organs - R87.1
  • Encounter for contraceptive management - Z30
  • Encounter for procreative management - Z31
  • Encounter for assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle - Z31.83
  • Pregnant state - Z33
  • Encounter for elective termination of pregnancy - Z33.2
  • Encounter for supervision of normal pregnancy - Z34
  • Other specified health status - Z78
  • Asymptomatic menopausal state - Z78.0
  • Long term (current) drug therapy - Z79
  • Hormone replacement therapy - Z79.890

    Pregnancy category:

  • A - Australia
  • B - United States (No evidence of risk in humans)

    Forms of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs):

  • Progesterone Base
  • Progesterone Enanthate
  • Progesterone micronized
  • Progesterone Natural
  • Progesterone Natural micronized

    Chemical, international, and other names of this drug:

  • Keltarauhashormoni
  • Pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione
  • Procesteron
  • Progaistearon
  • Progesteron
  • Progesterona
  • Progesteronas
  • Progesterone P4
  • Progesteronum
  • Proxesterona
  • Sargatesthormon

    Most known trade names (brands and generics) worldwide:

  • Agolutin - Sanofi, Biotika Bohemia
  • Crinone - Abbott, AbbVie, Allphar Services, Antah Pharma, Apex Pharma Marketing, ASI Pharma, Columbia Research Laboratories, DKSH, Douglas Pharmaceuticals, Fleet Laboratories, Four Star, Grafton Pharmasia, Merck, Novartis, Serono, Serum International, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Zuellig Pharma
  • Cyclogest - Sanofi, Accord Healthcare, Actavis, Alpharma, Apex Pharmacy, Delfi Singapore, DKSH, Firma Chun Cheong, L.D. Collins & Co., Pharmed Import & Export, Sime Darby Marketing, Unipharm Trading, Zuellig Pharma
  • Cygest - Inga Laboratories, Actavis
  • Darstin - Seid Laboratorios
  • Dubagest - Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  • E-Gest - Elfin Pharma, Nifle Biosciences
  • Endogest - Cipla
  • Endometrin - Ferring, A. Lapidot Pharmaceuticals, Ben Chimon Florish, Pharmaceutics International, The Glory Medicina
  • Estima - Effik
  • Geslutin - Asofarma de Mexico
  • Gesterol - Germiphene
  • Gestmate - Akesiss Pharma
  • Gestofit - Ind-Swift
  • Gestone - Nordic Pharma, A. Lapidot Pharmaceuticals, Ferring, New Zealand Medical & Scientific, Union Medical
  • Gestorin - Intra Labs India
  • Lugesteron - Leiras
  • Lutigest - Ferring
  • Lutinus - Ferring
  • Microgest - Walter Bushnell
  • Miprogen - Bharat Serums and Vaccines
  • Naturogest - Zydus Cadila, German Remedies
  • Neogest - GenBiotech, VHB Life Sciences
  • Nidagen - Systopic Laboratories
  • PMS-Progesterone - Pharmascience
  • Prid - Vetoquinol, Ceva
  • Primolut - Bayer
  • Progeffik - Effik
  • Progendo - Recalcine Laboratorios
  • Progestan - Organon
  • Progestogel - Besins, Agencia Lei Va Hong, Bi Asian Pacific, Dr. Kade, FIC Medical, IDS Group, International Pharmaceuticals, Luso Farmaco Istituto d'Italia, Quimedical, Seid Laboratorios, Tedis, Vifor Pharma
  • Prolutex - IBSA Group
  • Proluton - Bayer
  • Prometrium - Abbott, AbbVie, Bayer, Catalent, Merck, Organon, Rottapharm, Schering-Plough, Solvay, Unimed Pharmaceuticals
  • Prontogest - Amsa
  • Strone - Serum Institute of India
  • Sugest - Uni Sankyo
  • Susten - Sun Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Utrogestan - Besins, Bi Asian Pacific, C.T.S. Chemical Industries, Catalent, Corporacion Operadora de Representaciones y Negocios, Enila Laboratorio, Faran Laboratories, FIC Medical, IDS Group, International Pharmaceuticals, Invida, Jaba Farmaceutica, Medi Challenge, Pfizer, Pharmed Import & Export, Pliva, Sanofi, Seid Laboratorios, Solvay, Syarikat Wellchem, Tedis, Viatris, Vifor Pharma, Zuellig Pharma
  • Vageston - Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Zydus Cadila
  • Voranin - Ind-Swift

    Other medicines used in combinations with progesterone:

  • Carbachol
  • Estradiol
  • Estriol
  • Estrone
  • Ethinyl Estradiol
  • Hydroxyprogesterone
  • Lactobacillus
  • Nandrolone
  • Neostigmine
  • Oestrogens
  • Tylosin
  • Vitamins

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