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Buy Grisactin (Griseofulvin) online Product Name: Grisactin

Generics: Griseofulvin

Common Brand Names: Gris-PEG

Pharmaceutical Category: Antibiotics / Anti-Infectives

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There is an additional general information about this medication active ingredient griseofulvin:

Grisactin information

Grisactin is a drug which helps your organism fight against fungal problems. This product acts against fungal invasions just like a normal antibiotic would do against a bacterial infection.

Grisactin indications

Grisactin is for external use; it helps one get rid of fungal invasions of your skin, nails and hair. These infections may lead to the following disorders:
athlete's foot
jock itch
barber's itch
You can also use Grisactin to treat other infections that haven't been mentioned here.

Grisactin warnings

You might not want to use Grisactin if you suffer from at least one of the following conditions:
If you are allergic to the medication: liver disease
If you do suffer from one of these conditions you should first consult with your doctor before starting a treatment with Grisactin, as it is necessary that your physician adjust your dosage or at least monitor your condition during the treatment.
Grisactin is a Category C of the FDA pregnancy, therefore it is not known fore sure if taking this drug will harm your unborn child. If you are or might be pregnant during treatment you should not take the medicine without your physician's permission.
It is also not known whether Grisactin can pass into breast milk. You should first ask for your doctor's consent before taking the drug in case you are nursing a baby.
Grisactin could affect your sperm count and even your sperm production. Before starting a this medication treatment you should ask for your doctor's opinion.

Grisactin intake guidelines

You must use Grisactin exactly how your physician described it to you. If you have any further questions about the treatment, you should discuss them with your doctor, a nurse or even a pharmacist.
Each dose you take of this medicine must be accompanied by with a glass of water. You may take Grisactin without eating first but the maximum effect is ensured if you combine the medicine with food.
During the treatment you must take Grisactin regularly. You shouldn't abandon treatment without first consulting with your doctor even if your symptoms have alleviated. You should make sure that you take the right dose of this drug. The product must be stored away from heat and moisture.

Grisactin dosage

The proper Grisactin dosage should be prescribed by your doctor because the needed dosage may vary from one person to another due to a great variety of factors (age, the severity of one's condition, etc.). You should not alter the dosage of this product that your physician has given you because this may alter the drug's effects and it also might lead to accidental overdose.

Grisactin overdose

Overdose of Grisactin may include the following symptoms:
numbness and tingling
If you happen to experience these symptoms you should seek medical attention immediately or get in touch with "poison control". You should also inform your doctor of this event.

Grisactin missed dose

You should not miss any of the prescribed doses of Grisactin. If you happen to miss one take the drug as soon as possible. Afterwards it is recommended that you should take the rest of the doses in equal time intervals until you can go back to your initial dosing programme.

Grisactin side effects

Treatment with Grisactin may result in the following unpleasant allergic reactions and side effects:
closing of your throat
difficulty in breathing
the swelling of your lips, face or tongue
If you have at least one of these symptoms, stop the medication treatment and inform your physician.
Grisactin may also lead to some other less dangerous side effects which occur more often:
white patches throughout your mouth
nausea, diarrhea, vomiting
headache, tiredness and dizziness
numbness or tingling of your feet or hands
period irregularities
If you have some of these symptoms, you can continue using the medicine but you should immediately inform your doctor.
Of course, there are some other side effects which can affect you while taking Grisactin. If you happen to experience anything unusual that might be caused by your the drug you should immediately inform your doctor.

Grisactin drug reactions

Grisactin can interact with the following drugs:
birth control pills
oral anticoagulants
This medication can interact with other drugs too, that is why it is best that your doctor should know if you are taking any other medications during your Grisactin treatment.


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